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Your Initial Exam:

In order to treat each individual to his or her unique bite and facial features, the first visit in our dental suite consists longer consultation appointment. This allows you to discuss any concerns and ideal requirements you may have, in addition to allowing our expert to diagnose any problems and formulate a suitable treatment plan. For example problems may be dental, skeletal (jaw) or both, the jaw joint (TMJ) can be affected, relevant treatment options can be explained and discussed in depth, treatment durations and start times, costs and financing options.

We may take digital photos of your face, smile and teeth. This appointment is free of charge and there is no obligation to continue with any other appointments or treatment. To further assist you we will provide you with a pre-determination form which can be sent to your insurance company and used towards the costs of your treatment.

Diagnostic Records:

If treatment is recommended, diagnostic records will be scheduled. These records will provide our experts with additional information that is not available from your initial clinical examination. We will be able to analyse the problem in more detail and this is essential in formulating an effective, unique and custom treatment plan. These records include digital cephalometric and panoramic x-rays to evaluate upper and lower jaw relationships as well as symmetry analysis. 3D models of the teeth can also be taken to evaluate the status and relationship of the dentition. These records combined with digital photographs of the face and teeth are taken at our dental facility for your complete convenience.

Consultation and Treatment Discussion Appointment:

After our experts have evaluated your records, they will work with our team of Treatment Coordinators to discuss your proposed treatment with you and any interested parties, in full detail.

Financial Considerations

For more information about financial options, please see our Financial Considerations page.


For more information about appointments, please see our Appointments page.

Reference Information

Please refer to our comprehensive Patient FAQ section and Orthodontic Dictionary