Financial Considerations


The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the individual’s problem and personal requirements. We never want finances to prevent you from accessing the necessary treatment you and your family need. We will discuss fees and payment options before your treatment begins. We do what we can to make cosmetic dentistry affordable and accessible to all and provide monthly payment plans.


In an effort to keep cosmetic dentistry fees within reason while maintaining the highest level of professional care, we have established the following financial policy:

To fit your individual needs, financial arrangements can be made to suit personal budgets, including a no-down payment option with monthly payments extended over the treatment period.

If payment is made in full at the onset of treatment, we will offer an “accounting” discount.

For your convenience, we accept payment with by cheque, Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards.

It is important to remember that your individual payment schedule is not related with the frequency of visits for adjustments.


If you have health, dental or orthodontic insurance, we will help you determine the coverage you have available by providing you a “Predetermination of Benefits” form. Please remember that professional care is provided to you, the patient, and not to an insurance company. Hence, our patients pay for their treatment directly to us and then are reimbursed from the insurance company. We do not accept payments from insurance companies directly.

Most plans do not pay for the entire cost of your dental care. There may be a deductible clause, a treatment cost limit and excluded services. In the event you do not receive the benefits you believe you are entitled to from your insurance provider, you can contact your employer’s HR department, your insurance representative or your other representative.

Most insurances are accepted, financing options include: three months no interest, outside financing companies available, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).

We file insurance claims daily as a courtesy to our patients, the benefits will be sent

directly to the patient. We bill patients once a month.

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